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  1. This stuff is off the hook! After reading a couple of your articles I started circulating the URL of your website to everyone i knew!
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Finally news worthy of a read!
    Keep it coming! If we’re not going to do anything about the satirical state of life/politics here, let’s atleast get a good laugh out of it!

  3. Hi Guys
    You guys are really something…. I just love broken news.. in ifact i like it so much i linked to it through an RSS feed to my yahoo 360 profile and I dodnt know anything about rss feeds..
    You wont believe how lovely it is to see a funny perspective to the rot misery and shit we experience in this country…
    I love the tongue in cheek style of writing and think you guys are the best…
    please keep up the good work

    Chrishantha Jayasinghe

    p.s. by any chance if you are interested in working in an ad agency as a writer do let me know

  4. Brilliant. Fxxxxxx brilliant. 🙂

    Please reveal yourselves; and before you contact Chrishantha Jayasinghe, please contact me – I’m far better looking.

    Don’t stop. Ever…

  5. Can you guys or ladies please start writing this once more… please! please!! pretty please!!! Life in our brokenland seems pretty gloomy without the wry humor of broken world.. come on guys please start writing once more.

  6. i came back here after ages to see what i had missed over the past few months and was really disappointed to see that this blog is now dead.. what happened? did the govt get you? =)


  8. The funniest thing is that when I stared reading the articles I actually thought they were true—I thought that Rajapkse was actually going to make a thoppigala in Independence square and that he actually said there should be more Rajapkses to run the country !!!! that is how ridiculous and silly the government has been — the articles are excellent –why not continue ? I have now read them all and become quite an addict !

  9. What a shame Sri Lanka has won nothing at the Olympics and Kazakhstan has already won a Silver and a Bronze. We should get Sacha Baron Cohen to make another movie like “Borat” based on Sri Lanka. He can call it “Nimal: Political Teaching of Sri Lanka for the world, How apes can run a country”.

    Economics wizard Robert Mugabe is now advising the Sri Lankan ministry of finance and the central bank on how to control inflation. He says he has got 2 Olympic Gold medals, one for hyper inflation and one for the note with the most number of zeros. That if Mahinda wants the Silver he better work hard at reaching triple digit inflation rates and photo copying money. On a latest move the central bank is considering making soft drink bottle lids 1 rupee coins as it has more value and cheaper to mint.

    While in Beijing Mahinda has cracked a deal with the Chinese agricultural equipment manufacturer “Nongfu” to buy 10 million wheelbarrows for Sri Lanka. The Chinese were delighted as this is the first time the Sri Lanka has actually come forward to buy something as usually they ask it for free. Mahinda says he wants to gift a wheelbarrow to every Sri Lankan family so they could carry their bread money to the shop when they want to buy a loaf of bread.

    On the lighter side the Beijing red light ladies were very disappointed with the Sri Lankan officials at the Olympics. They said they expected at least 500 Sri Lanka officials to show up this time with the Olympic team of 8 athletes, but it was a no show. They said they were well prepared this time to supply the Sri Lanka officials’ demands and avoid last times stampede situation, when the Sri Lankan business delegates came to Beijing.

    On the creative side Mahinda is considering writing a magazine. He says Bill Clinton has written a book and George Bush is going to write picture popup book, so he wants to do a magazine. He is considering the following titles:

    Hang Low: How to wear a sarong for any occasion.
    That 70’s porno star look: Fashion for men with a mustache.
    Animal husbandry: Working with primates in a confined environment.

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