Government responds maturely to criticism

rambukwellaGovernment spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella responded today to UN Humanitarian Affairs Chief John Holmes’ concerns about the safety of humanitarian workers by alleging that Mr. Holmes’ comments were part of a vast international conspiracy against the Mahinda Rajapakse administration. “We have suspected for a while that the world was out to get us – how else do you explain the rise in oil prices, the 2004 tsunami and Vietnam’s increasing competitiveness in the garment export business?”, asked Mr. Rambukwella at a press conference.

Mr. Rambukwella went on to attack Mr. Holmes’ specific comments stating, “There is absolutely no truth in the suggestion that humanitarian workers are not safe in Sri Lanka. We categorically reject such an assertion and we will shoot the next person who says such a thing”.

One comment

  1. “Mr. Rambukwella went on to attack Mr. Holmes’ “. This is not a matured way of response. The idioits do not know how to talk to the international press unlike laskman. Just because people are corrupted in Sri Lanka, does not mean everyone behaves like prostitutes. Sri Lanka is a failed state. Thanks to Mahindha and his LTTE pact, there is going to be a tamil eelam.

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